I’m Molly, a Philosophy graduate living in London, working in digital marketing, and trying to stand out in a sea of other ambitious twenty-somethings. I started my first blog when I was at Bristol University to introduce some creativity and constancy into my degree-centred life, but now that I have graduated I’m keen to turn this teeny tiny spec in the blogosphere into my own hub of inspiration for you to enjoy. 

What I love about blogging is that it can be such a rich source of ideas, whether it’s from a thought provoking opinion piece, a beauty product review, an outfit of the day, or even a single photograph. On Mollipop you can expect to find posts about little details about my living and lifestyle that I deem worth sharing; my unsustainable shopping habits, the occasional baking post, and the post-uni existential crisis I'm currently in! I hope you stick around, and if you find the tiniest bit of inspiration then even better.

Contact: mollysimpson93@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram: @rosemolly93 | Twitter: @mollyrosesimps | Facebook: mollipopblog